“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”

 -Mahatma Ghandhi

The good news

Donating food to food drives in one of the most popular forms of giving in the United States.  People make billions of donations to food drives each year to supply 60,000 plus hunger organizations with food to help more than 42 Million Americans struggling with food insecurity.

The not so good news

A lot of the donated food doesn’t help those 42 Million Americans.  

  • People facing food insecurity also struggle with high rates of diet related health issues due to a lack of access to healthy food. These issues include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer,
  • Traditional food drives are limited to non-perishable food donations – often highly processed canned goods. These are mismatched for people who need high quality food – things like fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and other healthy food.


The Great American Healthy Food Drive has a goal to change all of that.  

It’s a drive to raise healthy food so people struggling with hunger get the kind of food they really need.

It’s also designed to raise awareness that HUNGER IS A HEALTH ISSUE, so that when people think about supporting hunger, they do it with healthy food.

All you have to do is pick out and purchase the healthy food you want to donate and it will be delivered directly to a hunger organization that needs it, at the direction of Why Hunger and Wholesome Wave, two of the #GiveHealthy Founding Partners, both of whom are focused on providing better access to healthy to underserved people.

Thanks for your support!

The Great American Healthy Food Drive

  • What

    The largest healthy food drive in America

  • When

    May 2017 – donation period

    • January – April – people and groups can join #GiveHealthy
    • June – July – Donated food gets delivered
  • Why

    Ghandi said it best (see quote above)

    So people can donate the kind of food people struggling with hunger really need.

  • How

    Using Amp Your Good’s Crowd-Feeding online Food Drive system.

    See how it works here.

  • Who

    Check out all of the #GiveHealthy partners!

A short history of food drives…

1804 - Invention of Canned Food (France)

1855 - Invention of the Can Opener

1870 - Industrial Revolution in US

First sustained homelessness – Civil Society establishes first soup kitchens in cities across the US.  First canned food drives.

1930s - The Great Depression

The reduction in hunger reverses!  The need for food donations grows!  More canned food drives.

1967 - The first Food Bank opens

Canned food drives grow in popularity.

1975 - Why Hunger founded

Harry Chapin and Bill Ayres are founders

1992 - Stamp Out Hunger

The first year of the largest food drive in the US.

2007 - Wholesome Wave founded

Chef Michel Nischan, Michael Batterberry and Gus Schumacher are founders

2013 - Food Tank founded

Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson are founders

2014 - 50 Million food insecure people in the US

2014 - Consumer change in food preferences

Consumer food preferences begin a major shift towards healthy food in response to high rates of diabetes and obesity.

2015 - Amp Your Good invents Crowd-Feeding

Crowd-Feeding is a new food drive model that lets people donate fresh fruits and vegetables.

Spring 2016 - Crowd-Feeding helps in Canada

Amp Your Good launches campaign in Canada supporting areas hit by massive forest fires.

Fall 2016 - Hunger organizations seek healthier food

Increasingly, hunger groups in the US and Canada ask for healthy food donations.

October 2016 - First Vegan Food Drive

Record amount of vegan food raised by A Well Fed World and Vegfund

January 2017 - The Great American Healthy Food Drive established

Wholesome Wave, Food Tank, WhyHunger, Ashley Koff, RD and many others join forces to organize  #GiveHealthy – the first national healthy food drive.

March 2017 - #GiveHealthy launched