I’m EA, aka The Spicy RD, a nutrition coach, registered dietitian, and culinary nutritionist in sunny San Diego. I’m passionate about helping YOU discover your own optimal balance of NOURISHING foods, exercise you LOVE, and healthy, JOYOUS living tips to help you live your most DELICIOUS life!


E. A. StewartThe Spicy RD (Registered Dietitian Nutritionist)

Teaching and writing about holistic and healthy living, I have a passion to help bridge the gap that exists between allopathic (traditional medicine) and alternative therapies.


Denise GenettBoard Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

The New Jersey VegFest is a vegan food and lifestyle festival that features vegan food vendors, clothing, authors and books, speakers, and beer. It’s at the Meadowlands Expo Center on October 7 & 8.


New Jersey VegfestOctober 7-8, 2017 @Meadowlands Expo Center

Writing about Green and Healthy living in books and my blog,


Kelly Pemberton, Ph. D.Professor, George Washington University

Dedicated to the reorganization of recycling in NYC, we want to help you compost!

Through educational training, investing in pilot programs, consulting with commercial businesses/non-profits/schools, partnering with community gardens, and connecting waste haulers and other organizations in the industry – Common Ground hopes to create a gateway to composting in NYC.


Common Ground CompostComposting and recycling in New York

I am a mother and Registered Dietician making some noise in my community for food justice. I believe all children should have access to nourishing food.


Clancy HarrisonMS, Registered Dietician, TEDx Speaker

AllHumanity Group is an international humanitarian organization dedicated to helping people in need globally.

It is a social network of everyday folks who wish to reach out and help others. The AllHumanity Group has been on the forefront of humanitarian assistance, disaster relief and child advocacy and education around the world for over a decade.

The AllHumanity NetworkDedicated to helping people in need globally

Curbing Hunger, Inc. is a community based program that provides food for the hungry during times of the year when food bank’s supplies are the lowest.


Curbing HungerA summer food drive in NJ for 21 years