“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”

 -Mahatma Gandhi

The good news

Food drives are one of the most popular forms of giving in the United States. People make billions of food drive donations each year to help more than tens of millions of Americans facing hunger.

The not so good news

Some of the food donated through food drives isn’t as helpful as you might think. In fact, some of it can actually hurt people facing hunger.

  • People facing hunger face a disproportionately high risk of diet-related disease, such as obesity, type-2 diabetes and heart disease.
  • Traditional food drives are often limited to non-perishable food donations. While non-perishable items can be healthy, they are often highly processed and include ingredients harmful to people living with diet-related disease.

It’s important people struggling with these issues have access to nutritious foods – like fruit, vegetables, lean proteins and low-fat dairy – that will help them improve their health and wellbeing.


#GiveHealthy is a movement to change how and what people donate. #GiveHealthy enables people to donate fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy food by making it easy, fun, social and environmentally friendly. We help ensure that the food you donate makes the biggest impact for people in need.

There are lots of people and organizations doing great work to increase access to healthy food.  #GiveHealthy is banding them together to achieve a measurable goal: that people donate more healthy food to food drives, so that people facing hunger have greater access to the nutrition they need to live active, healthy lives.

The #GiveHealthy Story

  • What

    A Movement to change the most common form of giving in the US

  • When

    Created January 2017 by founding partners Wholesome Wave, FoodTank, WhyHunger, Ashley Koff Approved and Amp Your Good

  • Why

    Ghandi said it best (see quote above)

    So people can donate the kind of food people struggling with hunger really need

  • How

    Using the #GiveHealthy Digital Food Drive Platform

    See how it works here

  • Who

    Check out all of the #GiveHealthy Partners and Ambassadors

A short history of food drives…

1804 - Invention of Canned Food (France)

1855 - Invention of the Can Opener

1870 - Industrial Revolution in US

First sustained homelessness – Civil Society establishes first soup kitchens in cities across the US.  First canned food drives.

1930s - The Great Depression

The reduction in hunger reverses!  The need for food donations grows!  More canned food drives.

1967 - The first Food Bank opens

Canned food drives grow in popularity.

1975 - Why Hunger founded

Harry Chapin and Bill Ayres are founders

1992 - Stamp Out Hunger

The first year of the largest food drive in the US.

2007 - Wholesome Wave founded

Chef Michel Nischan, Michael Batterberry and Gus Schumacher are founders

2013 - Food Tank founded

Danielle Nierenberg and Ellen Gustafson are founders

2013 - Feeding America launches Hunger Action Month

September is designated as Hunger Action Month

2014 - 50 Million food insecure people in the US

2014 - Consumer change in food preferences

Consumer food preferences begin a major shift towards healthy food in response to high rates of diabetes and obesity.

2015 - Amp Your Good invents Crowd-Feeding

Crowd-Feeding is a new food drive model that lets people donate fresh fruits and vegetables.

Spring 2016 - Crowd-Feeding helps in Canada

Amp Your Good launches campaign in Canada supporting areas hit by massive forest fires.

Fall 2016 - Hunger relief organizations seek healthier food

Increasingly, hunger groups in the US and Canada ask for healthy food donations.

October 2016 - First Vegan Food Drive

Record amount of vegan food raised by A Well Fed World and Vegfund

January 2017 - The #GiveHealthy Movement is conceived

The #GiveHealthy Movement is established by Founding Partners Wholesome Wave, FoodTank, WhyHunger, Ashley Koff Approved and Amp Your Good

May 2017 - The #GiveHealthy Movement launches

At the Broccoli City Festival in Washington DC

May 2017 - Feeding America announces fresh produce initiative

The initiative goal is to increase the amount of fresh produce distributed by the Feeding America network.

June 2017 - Share our Strength joins the #GiveHealthy Movement

July 2017 - The Food Trust joins the #GiveHealthy Movement

August 2017 - Feeding America and #GiveHealthy announce collaboration

Its purpose is to increase healthy food donations to food banks.

September 2017 - Launch of the Feeding America + #GiveHealthy Pilot Program

January 2019 - #GiveHealthy onboards West Side Campaign Against Hunger (NYC)

April 2019 - First Easter Egg Food Drive!

February 2020 - #GiveHealthy onboards City Harvest (NYC)