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Broccoli City is a social enterprise that roots itself in a triple bottom line strategy that focuses on people, planet, and profit. We are working to “redefine the cool” towards people being active and engaged participants in their community. We are creating a culture that celebrates and rewards people who are “getting active” and doing the work to make our communities healthier.

The first Broccoli City Festival was started in 2013 to draw attention for Earth Day, aligning with the brands mission to build thriving urban communities to sustain future generations by mobilizing and educating urban millennials through social impact campaigns and major events. Through our programs we are creating higher standards of sustainable living, environmental sustainability, renewable energy, economic opportunity, and access to high quality food and shelter.

Give to a hunger organization in your area …

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Not your grandaddy’s food drive.

Make way for a new kind of food drive!  It’s online, it’s fun, it’s social, it’s easy, it’s green, it’s national but it’s local, too.  Most of all, it’s designed for people to donate the right kind of food – healthy food.  Why? Because hunger is a health issue.  The 42 Million people struggling with hunger also suffer from high rates of diet related health issues – things like obesity, diabetes, cancer and more.

Why? Simple. Lack of access to healthy food. #GiveHealthy is going to change that. Make a #GiveHealthy food donation this May to a local hunger organization.
In the meantime, get involved!  Let’s get people talking about why it’s important to donate healthy food, not just any old food (Sorry Momma!).

Let’s get people struggling with hunger the kind of food they really need!

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It’s now possible to donate fresh fruits, fresh vegetables
and other healthy food!