to optimize your food drive support! The #GiveHealthy Digital food drive platform The tool you need No cost. Contactless. Easy.

Join the food banks across the country
who are maximizing their food drive support.

See the platform for yourself:

Healthy food and more of it.

#GiveHealthy drives can raise hard to source, high quality
fresh fruits and vegetables.

Key Benefits

New Donors- know and grow your donor base

Learn who donates food to your drives so you can encourage them to provide more support!

Less Work – save staff and volunteer time

#GiveHealthy food deliveries are scheduled, smooth and organized. #GiveHealthy handles all drive organizer and donor communications.

#GiveHealthy has been an incredible partner to City Harvest over the past year. We were lucky enough to engage with them just prior to Covid-19 so we already had everything in place once the pandemic disrupted our annual food drive initiatives.”

Ellen Granger
Manager, Donor Relations & Food Sourcing, City Harvest

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