We’ve had so many people contact us to find out what they can do while we all hunker down due to the COVID Pandemic – turns out there’s a lot you can do!

Support our STOP THE BLEED® community members on the front lines

Right now, a big part of this community is on the front lines of the most challenging Public Health Crisis in any of our lifetimes. Nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals are faced with war time conditions as they work to save the lives of those infected with the COVID-19 virus in hospitals across the country. They also are busy with increased testing activities all while treating people with the “regular” needs of more routine illnesses and maladies. Likewise, EMTs, police and other first responders are fighting this battle outside of these very same hospitals. They are all heros – every single one of them.

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What can you do at home?

First, be prepared! The things that cause traumatic bleeding can happen anywhere, including at home. Here are some common home accidents that can result in traumatic bleeding:

  • Compound fractures from staircase falls, slip and falls
  • Bicycle and outdoor activity equipment accidents (trampolines, swingsets)
  • Lawnmower, chainsaw, power equipment accidents
  • Kitchen accidents

Second, while Stop the Bleed hands on training has been suspended per guidance from the US DOD and American College of Surgeons (more on that here), you can utilize online training resources that are helpful to learn about how to Stop the Bleed (links here).

Third, if you have STB equipment at home, you can practice what you’ve already learned and brush up.

DONATE blood

The whole point of STOP The Bleed save someone’s life by trying to keep as much blood in their body before they are able to get professional help. Many who experience traumatic bleeding will require blood transfusions once they arrive at the hospital. As a result of the Pandemic, blood supplies are low and getting lower. Visit this page for information about how you can donate blood during this critical time.